How to print like a pro

Making sure your file is print-ready is the most important step in the print process. It ensures that your final product looks clear and professional. Our team of experts will be on hand to help you every step of the way. But if you want to make sure your design is print perfect, look at our guidelines below. 



Please send your file in a PDF format. This ensures we get a complete finished file. If you send us a working file (photoshop, InDesign etc.) sometimes aspects drop off or don’t appear on our end. PDFs are quick and easy for us to work with! 


Make sure your design file is the same size as the final printing size you want. For example, if you are wanting an A3 poster, your file should be set up to that size. If the file size doesn’t match up with the product size, you will risk cutting out part of the image or stretching it with poor quality results.


The ‘bleed’ isn’t as scary as it sounds. This printing term simply means the print goes beyond the edge of the sheet. It means there will be no white space or blank paper around your design.

Typically, we recommend at least a 3mm bleed around your design. So, for example, an A4 document is usually 297 x 210mm but with a 3mm bleed it becomes 303 x 216 mm. If you aren’t sure at any point our design team is happy to help with this!  


Please make sure all images used in your design are high-resolution. That includes photos, logos, and other graphics. Any low-resolution pictures are easily spotted when they are printed so its important that your whole design is high-res. If you aren’t sure what images are high-resolution, our team can help you.

Now you know how to prepare your file you are ready to start designing! If you get stuck at any point our team are more than happy to help you. Alternatively, we offer complete design services. Our professionals will discuss your ideas, then design and print your products for you. It is completely hassle-free! Talk to our team to find out more about our design services.

Still not sure? We can help