Why you Should Bulk Buy your Business Cards

Let's paint a picture…

You are at a networking event, an important pitch, or talking to a dream lead at a conference. They are laughing at your jokes, interested in your business, listening so intently that they aren’t even looking at their phone. Then the moment comes to close the deal and… You have no business card to hand them…

Bulk buying your business cards ensure that you never miss out on those closing moments, compose a professional and stylish reputation by being able to network in elegance, and be remembered.

Here are four reasons why bulk order business cards show you mean... well… business…

  1. Templates

Ordering business cards can get confusing when you have multiple departments, or individuals creating their own designs. It can all get a bit messy. However, by using templates to create your business cards, like the ones available at Waikato Printing Company, everyone can use the same templates to generate cohesion within your company.

So whether it's your sales team, your marketing representatives, or your business administrator that requires their own business cards, you can use a single template to make sure your print products are all uniform and in line with your branding.


  1. Networking

Running out of business cards at an event is like running out of food at a restaurant. With bulk business cards at your disposal, you won’t have to stop networking in the midst of an event because you ran out of cards. You can be as much of a social butterfly as you need. You won’t have to miss out on any opportunities to network or create brand awareness again.


  1. Traveling

Maximize employee out-of-office time while they are traveling by bulk ordering your business cards beforehand. Trade show and event season is the pinnacle time for bulk business card needs. Employees don’t have time to stocktake or order things on the go, so get enough to last the season all at once.


  1. Save Money

Ordering in bulk has amazing value for money. The bigger the bulk, the more you save. Everyone loves to save money, and what better way to do it than by being forward-thinking and getting more for your dollar. At Waikato Printing Company we sell cards in packs of 250, 500, 1,000, and 2,000 so you can select the right amount for your needs.


Stay topped up and ready to go by ordering business cards in bulk. From lead generation to cost-cutting you cannot beat a professional business card. Check out our templates, or leave it up to us!