Top Marketing Tips for Farmers Market Vendors

Top Marketing Tips for Farmers Market Vendors

Waikato is one of the richest agricultural areas in the world. So it is no surprise that kiwis LOVE a farmers market! They are great community events. For small businesses, these markets and other outdoor events, are an excellent way of engaging with local customers and building awareness for your business. 

You can thrive at an outdoor market if you know how to capture people’s attention. That's why your marketing products matter more here than in most places. Unlike most things these days, a farmer’s market is all about what’s in front of you and not whats online!

Whether it's banners, business cards or posters, the promotional products you bring can have a huge visual impact. Getting noticed is half the battle, but with a little preparation, your stall can be the main event. So, our team of in-house designers have put together some top tips on utilising marketing materials effectively to help you get noticed and attract some interested customers to your stall.


Consider your space.

Before you do a major overhaul on your stall, there are a few things you want to consider. Firstly, where in the market area is your stall located? Will you be in the middle of a high traffic area? Or tucked away in the corner? This will help you determine what signage you will need. 

For example, if you are in a corner, you may want a standalone sign plopped a little further out with an arrow or message directing customers your way. If you are in the hustle and bustle you might think about getting a banner above your stall that can be seen easily in and over crowds.

You will also need to think about whether you will be inside or outside, or both. If you will be outside you’ll want to look at corflute signs or something similar that is sturdy, weatherproof, and durable. If you will be under a gazebo don’t bother with an overhead sign as it may be hidden under your shelter. Instead, opt for a banner that will wrap around your stall nicely. 


Declutter your stall.

Decorations are fun and add personality and interest to your stall. But too many decorations can distract customers from what you are there to sell. Your products are the star of the show and should be front and centre. Decorations are good if they are showcasing or complimenting your product. But make sure you aren’t overwhelming customers with too much stuff. Instead, declutter your stall and make it easy to see who you are and what you do. You might also have limited bench space at a stall and keeping your benches as tidy as possible will help keep you organised during a rush.

Rather than props or decorations, place a stack of flyers or brochures on your stall that potential customers can grab while you are serving other people. They are great to read through while they wait to be served or ask you questions. It will give them more information and is something they can take away and share with others.


Add your Unique Selling Point (USP).

Sometimes there may be multiple vendors selling similar products at one market. For market-goers, how do they choose between them? This is why we suggest adding your unique selling point (USP) to your marketing materials, especially your main sign or banner.

Your USP is the thing that makes you different from your competitors. Are you organic? Do you support a good cause? Is your product unique to your local area in some way? Let people know! You want to stand out from the crowd so if you have something that does that, use it!


Have a strong brand identity.

Your marketing materials should be cohesive. It should be clear that your signs, banners, business cards and brochures all belong to the same company. Branding is important here. Here’s a great article on creating your brand if you haven’t already. There are some great free tools out there to help create logos, designs, and branding guides to make your company look and feel professional.

Make sure you stick to one primary colour and one of two secondary colours. Your font should be the same throughout and don’t forget your logo! You can also use this branding across your website, product labelling, and social media!


Give a taster.

One of the huge benefits of shopping at a market is seeing the products up close and personal and being able to try before you buy. Stalls with tasters are much more likely to draw in passers-by. So, if you are selling food products, chop some up and make a taster platter. If you sell beauty creams, put out a testing pot. People are much more likely to commit to buying your products if they know they love them before buying.

If you can't give out samples, you might be able to put on demonstrations of how you use your products, it makes your stall interactive and will spark peoples curiosity.


Think about print.

It can be tempting to plaster promotional posters, banners and signs all over your stall. But as I mentioned before, clutter can overshadow your product and overwhelm a customer. Instead, think tactically about what you really need.

Banners are great to catch the eye and establish you and your products. Flyers and leaflets are perfect if you want to give customers more information to take away to consider. Recipe cards are great if you are selling produce. Don’t just print out a price list, tell them your story, suggestions and recommendations, answer common questions that people ask.

Lastly, you will most likely want some business cards. If people like your products you will no doubt be asked for one at some point. These are for your super invested customers who want to work with you more, or to share with their friends and family who they think might be interested. This is when your customers become unofficial ambassadors for your company!


Tie in social media. 

I mentioned earlier that a market is one place where the real word trumps the digital. Having said that, if your company is active on social media, its a great idea to add your social media profiles to your print products.

People who shop at farmers markets like to know where their products come from and want to support small businesses. If, for example, if you have an Instagram account where you post pictures and videos showing the behind-the-scenes of you making the products you sell them on the weekend your customers will be far more invested in your story and business. Take photos of your farm, studio, or workplace so people can see where their products are coming from.

Add your social media pages (as well as your contact details and website) to your brochures, signs, and business cards. It will help your online audience grow! 

Are you ready to take your stall to the next level? Talk to your friendly local print experts who can help design & print the best marketing materials for you and your business!