Company Christmas Card Ideas

Company Christmas Card Ideas

Christmas cards are a fun way to connect with your clients and customers during the festive period.

It’s also an opportunity to thank them for working with you throughout the year.  But instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to the process, consider the benefits of customising your festive messages.

You could buy a pack of generic Christmas cards and write out some ‘Merry Christmas’ messages, but this is time-consuming and won’t stand out on the desk.  Instead, we have some great customisable ideas that you can incorporate into printable Christmas cards to order.

These cards should not be seen as a selling opportunity. Instead, its a chance to connect with your clients and offer warm wishes for the year ahead. This can strengthen and maintain positive working relationships and show more of the human element and vibe of your company.

So what types of business holiday cards could you send? A personal approach to holiday greetings will not only spread festive vibes, but also strengthens your working relationships, re-engages customers, and makes partners feel valued and appreciated.

The “Team Photo” Christmas Card

If you have a good relationship with your client, partners, or customers; or they’ve met several of your team, why not send a customised team photo card!

If your company is small enough (say 2-20 people) take a team photo together for the front of your card. You can add Santa hats or Christmas decorations as well as a fun greeting. It will only take minutes to snap a photo and then you have a completely customised Christmas card to send out from your company.

If you can’t get a team photo, but already have individual staff photos, try editing individual members’ faces (with their permission) onto fun Christmas characters like elves or snowmen. Or, if you have a talented graphic designer, creating caricatures would also be a fun idea.  These show that you are a fun team and sends a light-hearted message to clients and customers that will put a smile on their faces.

This type of company Christmas card adds some personality at a time of year meant for joy and celebration. It also shows clients and business partners that you aren’t just a corporation but a team of friendly, hard-working people. It can help maintain positive relationships and shows clients you are thinking of them during the holidays.

Suggested inside card message “The team at {X} wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thank you for working with us throughout the year, we hope to do great things in your next year!”.

This card type should be fun and informal and is ideal for suppliers and business service partners. It should read as a friendly greeting to a valued partner.

The “Festive makeover” branded Christmas card

If you don’t want to send out photos of your team another great option is to add Christmassy elements to your logo, branding, or illustrations. This is really easily done! Santa hats, antlers, snowflakes, Christmas lights, can all be incorporated into your branded designs and made into a card.


 Corporate christmas card

This card can be sent to any of your clients whether old or new and can strengthen positive working relationships. This kind of card reinforces your brand identity while also showing you in the festive spirit.

It is also a great one to send out if you are sending orders to customers.

Suggested inside message: “Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the team at {x}” 

Express thanks for your client’s business throughout the year through a greeting card and make them feel valued by your business. This highlights the relationship you have built and expresses the hope of continuing this relationship in the same way.

This will encourage repeat business, as well as cementing the positive relationship you work hard to build.


The “Formal and reflective” Christmas card

If you want to maintain formality and keep your holiday greetings related to the business, a Christmas card including a reflection on the past year is a great way to do this.  This card is ideal for employees, clients, and partners. You can include the company highlights and successes of the year and a sincere thank you to the recipients who helped make it happen. You can also share exciting business news for the upcoming year if you wish to.

Summarise the year and its successes, and acknowledge the support your company received. You could also feature business growth if applicable, to cap off the year in true corporate festive cheer.

These cards are a great opportunity to remember and value your investors or those providing advice and mentorship, after all, they are the ones who have been supporting you year-round.

Formal christmas


The “Thank you for your hard work” Christmas cards

Christmas can be a busy and stressful time at work. Making sure everything is done in time can take a toll. Make sure you are thanking your employees and recognising their hard work. A Christmas card is a great way to do this.


Suggested interior message: “Your hard work and dedication is appreciated. Thank you so much for everything you do to make us so successful. Have a wonderful Christmas!”

For small businesses, you could go the extra mile by writing a handwritten thank you message to your individual employees.

If you are a large corporation, you could include some of the highlights of the year and maybe any exciting business news for the upcoming year.

Now you have a few starting ideas why not try designing your own cards? Or get in touch with our design team who can do it for you! Once you are ready, place an order with us to see your Corporate Christmas Card printed on high-quality card!

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